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Seacoast NHIC Events

Wed Jan 18 - Wed Feb 22 @ 7 PM EST | Six Weeks to Healthy Foundations w/ Elisa Peterson, FNTP

Join Elisa for weekly, 30-minute lessons as she covers all of the need-to-knows to build a strong and healthy foundation in just six weeks! This class is perfect for anyone in need of tweaking their daily habits, looking for accountability to get back on track, or newbies to the world of nutrition who aren't sure where to start making better choices! Recordings will be available weekly for all registrants.


Elisa joined us with a background in both Nutritional Therapy and Nutrition Response Testing, and truly believes that our health is our wealth - and it all begins with what we eat!


Having a passion for wellness for as long as she can remember, Elisa spent a decade in corporate America before leaving to pursue holistic nutrition in 2015. She traveled to Dallas to become a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association, and went on to complete her certification in Nutrition Response Testing in Florida.

Fun fact: Elisa and Dr. Scott were in the same class!


Elisa is also a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, which gives her the ability to find trapped emotions in the body that may be contributing to poor health, habits, and mood. 

Past Events

Seacoast NHIC Masterclass: Your Guide to Whole Body Detoxification

Join Seacoast NHIC and Dr. Robert Scott in this virtual event on Detoxifcation and whole body support!

Seacoast NHIC Masterclass: Fasting & Enhanced Weight Loss

Join Seacoast NHIC and Dr. Robert Scott in this virtual event on the benefits of fasting and how to get started!

Seacoast NHIC Masterclass: Gut Health & Dysbiosis

Join Seacoast NHIC and Dr. Robert Scott in this virtual event on Gut Health & Dysbiosis

Seacoast NHIC Masterclass: Digestion - The Key to Better Health

""It's not just what you eat, it's what you absorb". Join Seacoast NHIC and Dr. Robert Scott in this virtual event on Digestion and it's importance to your overall health.

Seacoast NHIC Masterclass: Sugar & Its Impact on Your Health

Learn about the effects of sugar on your endocrine system, tools to help balance your blood sugar, and ways to reduce your sugar intake.

Spring Into Wellness:  Spring Cleaning Detox Event

Spring is one of the best times for your body to detox as we transition out of Winter hibernation! Join us Wednesday, April 14th to learn about the importance of supporting your body's natural detox pathways and how to be successful at a detox program. Also learn which detox program is best for you!

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