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The Clinically Proven, Non - Surgical Laser Procedure For Fat Reduction

The Zerona Z6 laser is a low-level laser therapy device. It is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that is designed to help reduce body fat and contour the shape of the body.
The Zerona Z6 laser works by emitting low-level laser ener- gy that penetrates the skin and causes the fat cells to release their stored contents. It can result in a reduction in the size of the fat cells. The body then naturally eliminates the fat through the lymphatic system.

The Zerona Z6 laser is FDA cleared for the treatment of the waist, hips, thighs, and upper arms. The treatment typically in- volves a series of sessions. Each session lasts around 40 min- utes, during which the patient lies down and relaxes while the laser is applied to the targeted areas.

How Does the Zerona Z6 Help Me Lose Fat?

Zerona Z6 laser is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure de- signed to reduce fat cells in the body without the need for surgery or drugs. The procedure uses a low-level laser that
targets adipose cells under the skin, causing them to release their stored content, primarily triglycerides, which are then me- tabolized and eliminated by the body’s natural processes. This article will explain the mechanism of action behind how the Zerona Z6 laser works to help reduce fat.

It uses a low-level laser diode that emits a specific wavelength of light energy that targets adipose tissue, also known as fat cells, under the skin. The laser penetrates the skin without causing any damage to the surface or the surrounding tissue. The adipose cells are sensitive to the specific wavelength of light energy emitted by the laser and absorb it, causing the cell membranes to become more permeable. This increased permeability allows for the release of the stored content within the cells.

What Is the Difference Between Zerona and Coolsculpting?

While the Zerona Z6 and CoolSculpting are both non-in- vasive body contouring treatments, they use different technologies and have different methods of action.

Zerona Z6 is a low-level laser therapy treatment designed to target and reduce fat cells in specific areas of the body. During a Zerona Z6 treatment, laser energy is applied to the skin, causing the fat cells to release their contents, which are then naturally eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, is a cryolipolysis treatment that uses cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells in specific areas of the body. During a CoolSculpting treatment, a device is applied to the skin, which delivers cooling to the tar- geted area. The cooling causes the fat cells to crystallize and die. CoolSculpting treatments are typically administered in one or more sessions, with each session lasting around one hour.


From dermatological conditions, to pain, and non-invasive fat reduction the field of low level laser therapy applications has grown tremendously.

Other Benefits of the
Zerona Z6 Procedure

As the Zerona Z6 laser utilizes low level laser therapy to achieve non-invasive fat reduction, there are a few other potential benefits to it. Specifically Low-level laser therapy has been studied for its potential therapeutic effects on various health conditions, including the gut microbiome and systemic inflammation.

A study published in Lasers in Medical Science in 2019 inves- tigated the effects of Low level laser therapy on the gut mi- crobiome and inflammation in patients with type 2 diabetes. The study found that it improved the gut microbiome composi- tion and reduced systemic inflammation, indicating a potential therapeutic effect on metabolic disorders.

Another study published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology in 2017 investigated the effects of Low level laser therapy on systemic inflammation in rats with sepsis. The study found that it reduced inflammation markers and improved the survival rate of rats, indicating a potential therapeutic effect on systemic inflammation.

hese studies suggest that low level laser therapy may have potential therapeutic effects on gut microbiome and systemic inflammation, among other health benefits.
Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the Zerona is it’s ability to be applied to targeted areas allowing patients to fo- cus on specific problems areas. This is a powerful benefit of the Zerona Z6 and it’s technology.

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